Harnessing the power of the ancient traditional, Spiritual, alchemical qualities and properties of the Triangle.

Triiiangle Token seeks to bring the essential elements of mind, body, spirit  / soul from the very nature and core of our existance, together with the modern day world of cryptocurrency.

Triangles direct energy and power in the direction in which they point.

Utilizing a path towards enlightenment and connection to a Higher Self

While creating a perfect investment environment for manifesting growth and stability.

Triiiangle Token is not a "Pump and Dump" project.  

Holders are encouraged to HODL for the long term and not day trade

or otherwise dispose of their tokens for a quick profit.

This is contrary to our mission.

100  Forever Locked Burning Wallets with 300 tokens each to start.

Initial TRIII Tokens deposited causing mandatory deflation with every transaction.

A complete Security Audit was conducted upon generation of the token.

No Whales

Token & NFT Airdrops

No Single Holder's

- No Presale -

Triiiangle Token is available for purchase on 77+ Exchanges

and through the direct Swap Interface.

Instructions for Swap Interface

"Click" on  "Pancake v2"  then  "Click" Connect... Use  "Wallet Connect" to connect your phone wallet or browser wallet.

It's that easy.

If you do not have a BEP20 Coin for Exchange try Soku Swap for CrossChain Wormholes.

9% Transaction Costs

3% Redistribution To Holders

 3% Liquidity to PancakeSwap

     3% Development and Marketing

Initial Total Division of Tokens

15% Future Development and initial prevention from rug pulling.

20% To Be split up and Burned Annually for 3 years decreasing the total amount of tokens.

65%  Paired Liquidity onto Swaps & Exchanges.

Manual Burn ( Like BNB ) to mandate deflation over time.

Automatic liquidity is sent to the exchange with every transaction

ensuring the stabilty of the Token and backing it for consistant future growth.

3% Redistribution to the Holder's all you need to do is

hold the TRIII Tokens in your wallet to get automatic redistribution

and watch your account grow.

TRIIIANGLE Tokens are paired with and can be purchased for 


Coming Soon

Multiple Staking Platforms will be available for staking also.

Yield Farming available soon. 

Staking for $TRIII with a High %APY.

Co-Founder, Head of Business - Legal Affairs - 

Strategic Planning

Co-Founder, Token Development - Website Development - 

Exchange Management - General Contractor

Director of Social Media 

Social Media Administrator

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There is an inherent risk of loss in all 

financial investments in general and 

with crypto currency in particular.

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